LNS Tune-up Service

Computer Tuneup

The most common complaint we hear is that your computer has gotten SLOW. Unbearable load times, pop-ups and error messages, glitches and bugs…ugh. We feel your pain. That’s why we provide our specialized LNS computer tune-up service.

The performance loss just ‘happens’ due to normal usage. A lot goes on with your computer when you use it, and a lot of programs don’t always do the best job at cleaning up after themselves. Fortunately, we have developed and perfected a process over the past 10 years that is guaranteed to restore your computer’s performance (and your sanity).

LNS Tune-ups removes all virus and malware infections, repairs the system registry, removes unnecessary software from starting up in the background, repairs and optimizes your filesystem and much more. If you have a desktop computer, we perform an ‘air-dust’ service which literally blows away all of the accumulated dust and grime that has collected inside that can cause fans to lock up and components to overheat and fail.

We’ve performed hundreds of tune-ups for our customers. Contact us today at (707) 636-5678 and let us restore your PC’s performance!

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