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COMMAND: gnome3 –is[–not]-for-me

Posted by Jordan Erickson

Gnome 3 Interface

There’s been a lot of heat from Gnome users about the new release. Radical changes to how you interact with your programs are obviously going to cause some waves.

I’ve been using different WMs/DEs since 1995. I think Gnome3 has really struck a balance with usability and intuition.

First off, it seems like they ripped off OSX with their configuration GUI. I always loved that config. It’s missing (some obvious) advanced settings, but hey. I’ll file my feture requests/bug reports, be an active part of improving open source software, and I’ll watch it get better.

Gnome3 seems pretty feng shui with window placement, mouse movement for options, etc. Again, it’s missing some advanced functionality (keyboard shortcuts, Gnome-DO typing-command function, in addition to xdg menu entries, could search the user’s path, maybe even detect if something needs to be run in a terminal?)

The new Nautilus has a LOT to be desired. Right now on Debian Testing (I mean, I’m excited it’s even in Testing, I’m not complaining!) you can’t CTRL+V to paste. I’m sure it’s just a small oversight, and I’m not about to get my panties in a bunch because of it. Again, I’m going to be an active part of OSS and file my bug reports, maybe go on IRC or a mailing list, and help it get figured out respectably. There’s a lot of missing stuff, but it’s definitely elegant enough. It looks beautiful, the start of something really big I think. I understand these things take time.

I just really love the idea of *NOT* having to aim your mouse cursor over a small rectangular label/area to do things. One of my favorite things about X in general is that you can ALT+drag windows from any point, not just the titlebar. It’s just faster. It feels more natural. Remembering this and building other parts of the UI to reflect it is a very smart choice IMHO. I don’t think that idea is popular just because of tablets and other touch screen centered applications.

– I can’t wait until the notifications are worked out.

– I can’t wait until there are more extensions so I can have my weather/system monitor/xeyes back 🙂

– I can’t wait until it works better under LTSP (not fat-clients, just good old traditional remote X). I’m typing this on my thin client downstairs, and it’s using XFCE. I really think Gnome3 would look slick on my flat screen. After the Gnome2->3 upgrade, I can’t use both at the same time, and Gnome3 is painfully slow when not run locally. I’m assuming this has to do with the 3d effects. I know Gnome3 is starting to offer an alternative that uses CPU cycles for GPU type animation functions. Hopefully this will allow Gnome 3 to work better under LTSP.

When it comes to Gnome 3, you can take it or leave it I guess. Change is difficult, and it shows the motivation to want to help improve and fine-tune it to create a long-lasting, stable and usable result. It just irritates me when people don’t understand that there is a hard working community of volunteers that create it, and there’s no room for insults or demands, that’s just not respectable. And you don’t have to use it if you don’t like it. It *is* your choice, after all. 😉 For me, I’m sticking with it for the long run!

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