Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 4:08pm

Get Your Start Menu Back in Windows 8

Posted by Jordan Erickson

Classic Shell - Windows 8 enhancement softwareDear those who have made the courageous and admirable leap to Windows 8,

If you find yourself disoriented while navigating your new operating system, there are a few choices you have to help bring the new Windows 8 interface back to the “ole days” of Windows 7 if you so choose.

Classic Shell is an open-source program that gives you a highly customizable start menu in Windows 8 (and 7 for that matter), along with other Windows enhancements. At 3 million downloads and climbing, looks like this is the new “hot app” for Windows 8.

Start8 is a similar start-menu enhancement app for Windows 8. This one integrates nicely with the new interface as well, gives you the option to boot directly to it (instead of the default Windows 8 “Start Screen”), as well as some other nifty options.

There is also a great article with information on many other Winodws 8 start-menu-giving apps here.


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