Monday, October 18th, 2010 at 3:24pm

Happy 25th birthday, NES!

Posted by Jordan Erickson

Twenty-five years ago today, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) hit the shelves in the United States. Children of all ages have spent countless hours in front of their television sets, pounding those directional pads and red A/B buttons until their thumbs bled. The gaming console is nothing short of an icon for its generation, inspiring video game creators, graphics artists and electronic musicians…not to mention inspiring kids to forget about their homework.

An entire industry was spawned along with the NES – video games, accessories, movies and TV shows were based on its video games, and many of them were successful endeavors. However, one very interesting aspect were all of the unique items that were created – oddball controllers, funny looking headgear and even a bedset based on the design of the console itself. A great read for all of you retro Nintendo fans full of pictures, here’s a slideshow of some interesting accessories made for the NES gaming console.

Happy birthday NES! Oh, I feel so nostalgic now. 🙂

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