Friday, December 13th, 2013 at 10:02pm

Welcome to the Inter(pla)net?

Posted by Jordan Erickson

Widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet,” Vinton G. Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet. Cerf has served as vice president and chief Internet evangelist for Google since October 2005.

In this TedTalk, Mr. Cerf talks about the growing interplanetary data communication network in our solar system, how he wants to expand it and how it relates to how our Earth-based Internet already works. For example, some problems with using plain TCP/IP in the context of planet-to-planet communications include lag time of 40+ minutes for a packet’s roundtrip from, say, Earth to Mars (something he admits does not work very well with TCP/IP alone), which required a re-written, “Delay-Tolerant Protocol” (DTP) to be able to ‘store and forward’ data from node to node in the system.

Watch the video for some real insight into the future of space-based communication and our interplanetary backbone data network!

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