Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 11:26am

Irvine School District spearheads the green revolution

Posted by Jordan Erickson

Orange County’s Irvine School District is leading a heroic front with going green.

The green revolution has just begun, yet Irvine has spearheaded the methodologies and principals of energy conservation, sustainable building and, most importantly, educating their staff and students.

From the article: “It’s exciting too, because kids know – I’ve seen a lot of studies with young children, and when you ask them what they worry about, they worry about the world. They worry big picture. I think part of it is that you start thinking about what are you going to leave in a district, what do we have to do in this district moving forward. We’re pretty solidly clear about our curriculum, the budget we just deal with in the ways that come to us. But in terms of really setting the stage for a solid, sustainable district, we have got to put this in place.�

I applaud Irvine and am confident that this is only the beginning of a transformation for our country, and hopefully the world over. We have been down the road of excess, and we are now realizing the impact we have made on our planet and its inhabitants because of it. Now it’s time to start thinking smarter and restructuring the way we do things on all levels, to preserve our most precious, valued and shared commodity – Earth.

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