Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 2:55pm

LNS and an Open Source focus

Posted by Jordan Erickson

LNS has always enjoyed open source projects. In fact, we prefer them. Working with open source gives us peace that the software we’re working with is of a higher caliber than what most people work with on a day to day basis. We understand through experience that most mature open source projects will not fall apart months (or years) after we implement them. The proof is in the pudding, as they say – we’ve been running our own business services off of almost all open source software since 2002, and we have never had a major issue with any of it. It just keeps getting better.

That’s why we are thinking of promoting the benefits of using open source software to our customers – new and existing. Commercial businesses, government, education and at-home.

We want to be different than our fellow computer techs and network engineers. We want to provide something new, something refreshing. We want to work more with what we believe in, and what we truly believe in is open source software. And we want to show others that using open source software is honorable, beneficial and compatible with how society works these days.

Just look at the open source projects out there – Mozilla Firefox, Open Office, Android, just to name a few.. and the players behind these hugely successful projects – The Mozilla Foundation, Sun Microsystems, Google… you can be assured that with companies putting real money and work behind these projects, there’s something to the underlying mentality of open source software and how it can benefit you.

I’ll be working hard to build a model behind open source products and services that LNS will offer in the near future. Until then, hang tight and keep checking back. I have a feeling there are some exiting things to look forward to!


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