Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 at 5:26pm

LNS Technology Assurance contract customers!

Posted by Jordan Erickson

In an e-mail sent to all of my wonderful Technology Assurance customers:

Hey all,

Hope you’re all doing well!

I’m pleased to announce that LNS has added brand new services for all of
our Technology Assurance customers to enjoy!

We are always studying current trends and figuring out new ways to help
our customers stay on top of their computer technology. With this
research comes a few new perks for you:

1) Preventive Maintenance Reports

As some of you have already seen, LNS is now providing you with
Preventive Maintenance reports soon after we perform maintenance on your
network. This will help you see exactly what we do and what has been
done in an easy to read format, with graphical charts and totals for
your network. This will give you peace of mind that our preventive
maintenance program is constantly benefiting you and your company
whenever we visit.

2) Network Diagrams

LNS is providing all of our Technology Assurance customers with a
complete computer network diagram. This diagram will detail how your
computer network is laid out and will show you the ‘big picture’. It
will also help US in providing you with upgrades, keep track of your
equipment and how it is set up, and provide a central point of authority
on important technical information. LNS will be recording information
about your network and engineering these diagrams to provide to you if
you have not already received one.

3) Technical Binder

LNS is now providing our Technology Assurance customers with a
“Technical Binder”. This binder will hold your new scheduled preventive
maintenance reports, your network diagram(s) and all other information
important to your business network. It is a great place to look for
trends in our maintenance visits over the months, and to find any other
important information pertaining to your network. In addition to these
things, there are areas for you to keep other information such as
Internet and E-mail account & password information, software
documentation, and more. Keep it in a safe place!

4) Preventive Maintenance Checklist

We’re always looking for new and better ways to keep you on top of
computer maintenance. Take a look at our most current checklist, which
we perform on each computer whenever we visit you for preventive

* Spyware Removal
* Virus Removal
* System Cache Removal (lingering temporary files) (NEW!)
* Windows Registry Error Scan & Correction (NEW!)
* Suspicious Software (possible adware/spyware/malware) Removal
* Unnecessary Startup Item Removal (keeps things from running in the
background) (NEW!)
* Filesystem Integrity Scan
* Filesystem Defragmentation
* Air-dust Inside Computer (Every 6 months)
* Disinfect & Clean Peripherals (Keyboards, mice, monitors, etc.) (NEW!)

That last one is one of the more interesting ones – My motivation to
include this came from an article I read recently about bacteria and
computers. You can read it here (caution, not for the faint of heart!):


If you read the article you’ll see my strong motivation to keep your
computer peripherals clean. Janitors rarely touch desks of the offices
they clean in fear that they might misplace important documents or
re-arrange a desk which might upset someone. Because of this, however,
computer keyboards and mice are the things that get cleaned the LEAST,
yet are handled the MOST by anyone in the office. LNS is here not just
to keep your computers healthy, but to keep you healthy too! (By the
way, we use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and Endust Anti-Static Electronic
Wipes if you are wondering)

When you get the chance, reply and let me know what you think of these
new services. Feel free to mention the things we’re providing you to
your business contacts as well if they ever mention anything about their
computers acting up. We’re always looking for new contract customers and
are eager to provide you all with even better services in the future!



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