Friday, July 23rd, 2010 at 12:28pm

Magazine focuses on the poor making their voices heard

Posted by Jordan Erickson

I came across this from a friend in the San Francisco Bay area. He’s an inspiration to the homeless and getting their voices heard. He’s on Facebook, and is a part of many initiatives to help the poor, including Poor Magazine.

From their “About” page:

POOR provides vocational training, creative arts and literacy education, new and multi-media access to very low and no income adults and children in the Bay Area, with the goal of deconstructing the margins of class and race oppression. Our programs include an intensive Media Studies program which teaches investigative journalism, photo-journalism, multi-media and broadcasting to bay area residents transitioning off of welfare who desire to be heard and seen within several highly inaccessible media industries. To further accomplish our goals, we produce an intentionally glossy, nationally distributed literary magazine, as well as a high quality on-line magazine and our newest adventure; Poor News Network© (PNN).

We need more of this! It is amazing how well the Internet can link people together through the spreading of information – especially, in this case, people who would otherwise never even think to learn about people not like themselves. This is an amazing project!

About Poor Magazine:

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