Friday, May 15th, 2009 at 2:43pm

My venture into “Virtual Fridays”

Posted by Jordan Erickson

I recently decided to start working from home every Friday (appointments permitting), to give myself a little change of scenery. Thankfully, I already had the perfect setup – a capable computer at home and VPN gateway that allows me remote access to literally everything on my office network. My business phone system also allows call forwarding to my cell phone. This setup gives me complete flexibility with my work. I can do 99% of the things at home that I do at my office, excluding teleporting my filing cabinets from the office to home.

These days, too many people work way too hard for way too little. In the end, you get a staff who only does the ‘bare minimum’ to get by, because they feel under appreciated and don’t get the benefits they feel they deserve. Their Work-Life Balance is out of proportion and it makes for a difficult environment to manage all around.

Giving your staff the option of telecommuting is something that will open the door to enhanced productivity and a happier, more appreciated team. I am building a case for what is necessary for the typical office to add telecommuting to its list of employee benefits. I believe that giving this option to your team is one of the things that will help transform your work environment.

Personally, being able to work from home at least once every couple of weeks has given me new perspective on work in general. I am somehow more motivated to complete things that were on the ‘back burner’ when I normally got into the office and sat down in front of my computer every day. I feel like I have an extra day off, even though I’m spending my day at home doing actual work. The physical change of environment from office to home is a big deal – I feel like my creativity is enhanced because my work surroundings have changed. I get new ideas and deal with the same workload in new ways, which is both productive and makes me feel good. It is also *very* nice to be able to spend some break time with my wife and 8 month old son. That, in and of itself, has made me a much happier and productive person when I come back to the office. A little bit goes a long way!

Technology opens the doors of choice in this day in age. It lets us be flexible without compromise. It lets us make decisions that we were unable to make just a few years ago. I see it as a tool that gives us the opportunity to view work in a new light – one that shifts the mentality of 50-hour work weeks to one that cherishes the fact that life outside of the office should be embraced more than it is today.

– Jordan

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