Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 8:38pm

Oakland school uses Linux to build a 30 node computer lab for $0

Posted by Jordan Erickson

An excellent article from brings the story of how Linux enabled an Oakland school teacher to put a 30 system computer network together for zero cost, using recycled computers and free software such as the Linux operating system.

From the article:

Robert Litt, an Oakland public school teacher, who runs a technology lab with 30 computers, took the leap about three years ago. His cost: $0. He scrounged recycled computers — computers people were throwing away — and brought them to life with Linux. Without Linux, he says, there would be no lab.

“Oakland is broke.”

Yes, the unknown can be scary but sometimes change takes courage.

“I’m not a Linux genius,” Litt says, “but there are enough Linux geniuses out there that like schools, that if you have the gumption, you’ll get it supported.”

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