Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at 7:52am

Resistive RAM Technology to Replace Flash?

Posted by Jordan Erickson

resistive-ramIMAGINE storing your entire music collection, documents, pictures, even your HD movies on a flash memory chip the size of a postage stamp…

Only it’s not flash technology, it’s a new competitor called “Resistive RAM”. This new venture by company Crossbar is touting that resistive RAM not only can hold much, much more stuff than ‘traditional’ (dare I start calling it that?) flash memory, but it’s write performance is also around 20 times faster. In addition, Crossbar is suggesting that ReRAM technology allows for data storage up to 20 years, much longer and more stable than flash chips.

Is this yet another nail in the coffin of spinning platter hard disks? It looks like our exponential growth with what we use to play Solitare, look at funny pictures of cats online and post on Facebook, is about to soar past yet another milestone, giving us even more capacity to do what we want without restriction. Here’s to yet another step in the shrinking, energy-saving benefits of portable data storage – hopefully, though, the next technological leap will be a way to avoid accidentally putting these things through the washing machine.



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