Thursday, August 12th, 2010 at 10:41am

Rohnert Park store computers fail – chaos ensues?

Posted by Jordan Erickson

I recently read an article (since removed) where a local Dollar Tree store’s cashier computer systems failed. Joelle Burnette decided to hang out and see what happened when 1, 5, 10 minutes past and nobody in line could purchase their items. A social experiment to see peoples’ reactions in a fast-paced consumer environment, if you will. A very interesting read!

I feel a bit of a social observation like this is necessary once in a while – it takes you out of the picture and allows you to see situations from a unique perspective. When it comes to situations involving technology failing, is it safe to assume people in general will become upset, agitated or even hostile toward others?

Here’s an interesting thought – does the behaviour differ when it’s a situation involving people face to face, versus in people in traffic? I feel that when people are out of their cars they are generally much more forgiving and polite – as if the road rage you hear about is partly sparked by a sense of separation between you and the next “car” (which is strange to say, yet common – it’s the person *in* a car that makes decisions as to how to drive it). Comments welcome!

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