Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 11:34am

Schwarzenegger to launch “Digital Textbook Initiative”

Posted by Jordan Erickson –

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said, on Monday, that he plans on launching a program in which students will trade in their hard-copy text books (primarily Math and Science for now) for digital equivalents. He reflected that young students these days are much more used to obtaining information from digital sources.

This move, if brought to fruition, will most likely be a hit with students. Lugging around multiple heavy textbooks has been a notorious burden on students and their backs. Ask any student if they think it’s an issue that they are required to carry textbooks from one end of their campus to the other, and back again. Personally, I remember…and it wasn’t very much fun.

Depending on how the digital text is distributed and updated, the initiative would bring the benefit of consistently updated text to students, instead of textbooks which sometimes pre-date students’ own birthdays. It would be a giant leap forward in accessing current information, which would be a breath of fresh air for teachers as well.

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