Monday, October 4th, 2010 at 9:42am

Sintel – an open source film

Posted by Jordan Erickson

Sintel – a short film created entirely by open source software and put together by volunteers around our planet has made its online debut October 1st, 2010.

This is an extraordinary film set in midevil times,  about “Sintel” – a woman warrior in search for a fierce fire-breathing dragon who kidnapped a baby dragon she nursed back to health after finding it with a wounded wing.

A heart-wrenching 15 minute story tells the tale of a quest for love and justice – something you would imagine seeing full-length in theaters – and it’s freely available to download by its creators.

Sintel was made with such open source software as Blender, Gimp and Ubuntu and created with the intent to spread the idea that quality movies *can* be made in an open source fashion (i.e. without the MPAA & friends) and distributed for free (under the Creative Commons license) with methods like Bittorrent and Youtube. It was primarily created to help expose the Blender software specifically as it was the primary software used to create the film.

This is considered a milestone in the open source community as it is spreading the concept and practices of open source beyond software development and into the film/entertainment industries. Watch out MPAA, there’s a new gang in town – and they’re giving their creations away for free – and you can’t do anything about it!! 😉

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