Monday, July 14th, 2008 at 1:13pm

The “laptop drive of shame”

Posted by Jordan Erickson –

Anyone who uses a laptop as their primary work computer can probably attest to doing the “laptop drive of shame” at least once – a drive back home, after getting to work and realizing you have forgotten it on the coffee table. With fuel prices burning holes in your pockets, the drive of shame isn’t just slightly embarrassing, but increasingly expensive.

There is hope, however. An estimated 30 million Americans telecommute at least one day a month to work, leaving their cars in their driveways (and gas in their gas tanks). An increasingly popular option, telecommuting is beneficial to not only your bank account, but your quality of life. Spending a day at home (without that fake sick-call into work) and taking care of pending work via telecommuting is a nice break – a change of scenery once in a while can do wonders for overall productivity. In addition to these benefits, you are actually helping the overall traffic situation (especially during rush-hour) because when you telecommute, there are just plain less cars on the road.

An increasing number of businesses are contracting Logical Networking Solutions to deploy virtual-private-networking (VPN) solutions so their employees can telecommute from home or abroad when they feel it is beneficial. With telecommuting, your computer creates a secure, encrypted “tunnel” to your work network via the Internet – you can open/save files, print to printers, and if desired, even log into your office workstation to manipulate the keyboard and mouse, seeing everything on its screen that you would see if you were sitting at your desk.

Having options these days such as telecommuting makes one wonder why even more businesses, big and small, aren’t taking advantage. Even telecommuting a couple of days a month give you increased freedom in the workplace – and more time at home (or maybe your favorite coffee shop)!

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