Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 at 1:19pm

Will “Windows 7” be another Mojave Experiment?

Posted by Jordan Erickson –

The Windows “Mojave Experiment” has recently been made famous by the television commercial put forth by Microsoft on many major networks. The idea of tricking people into thinking that a “new version” of Windows currently in development, dubbed “Windows Mojave”, was actually Windows Vista, was a novel idea in debunking the generally accepted idea that people just plain don’t like Vista.

What makes the REAL new version of Windows (“Windows 7”, currently in development) interesting is that it so closely resembles Windows Vista in function and feel, you might not be able to tell the difference. There *have* been changes, no doubt – mostly in the applications that are available by default. Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Mail (Outlook’s successor), Windows Calendar, Windows Contacts, and Windows Movie Maker will all NOT be available, by default, in Windows 7 – rather you will be persuaded to use the online versions of these applications on the new Windows “Live” online service. Also, Microsoft is envisioning what they call a “Multi-touch” interface throughout the new operating system, which appears to strike a close resemblance to Apple’s iPhone. Whether this feature ships with the final version of Windows 7, however is left to be determined.

The real question on many minds will be whether Windows 7 is simply a ‘pig with lipstick’. Users will quickly and easily be able to determine whether Windows 7 is merely Windows Vista with a makeover – as, coincidentally, many have felt Windows Vista was in regards to Windows XP, as well as XP with 2000, and so on. To determine this for yourself, all you will have to do is use it. If the system still prompts you to hit ‘Continue’ with administrative tasks, if it pauses/freezes at actions such as connecting to a network, configuring hardware or performing certain tasks within an application, and simply if the overall experience of the operating system “feels like” Vista underneath…

It might just be an oinker looking for a new reputation.

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